Michael Rosen and Cameron Seib met on their first day of kindergarten. Each in the midst of developing an interest in baseball – a process spurred by the ongoing success of their hometown team – the two soon got acquainted. In the decade-plus since, their shared interest has only grown to a love, and their relationship become a lifelong friendship. Meanwhile, the Seattle Mariners, the object of their devotion all along, have done nothing but suck.

Why Oh Why? is, kind of, a blog chronicling their experience as M’s fans. When your earliest memories of a team include Edgar, Ichiro, and 116 wins, you never stop loving that club. And when the team you can’t stop loving is the Mariners of recent memory, you build up some emotions. This is a space for Mike and Cam to ruminate on the team they’ve always lamented loving.

And about the above “kind of”: as the blog’s subtitle suggests, its content isn’t exclusively Mariners. The (generally) more thoughtful and focused pieces – what you might call “traditional” blog posts – will almost always be about the M’s. But if Mike and Cam filled content with those pieces alone, the site would be rather slow-going. So, on a semi-frequent/sporadic basis, they take a piece of popular sports journalism from around the web, and, via email, discuss whatever ideas or jokes it inspires. These exchanges ensure new material is consistently being added, and allow the authors a break from the Mariner-centric thinking that fills far too much of their days.

If you like what you find here, have any questions or suggestions, or just want to make fun of the authors, please email whyohwhymariners@gmail.com. And follow the site on Twitter!


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