State of the Blog Address, Vol. I


With it being broadcasted on every major news station and all, you’d think the annual State of the Union Address might hold something of viewing interest. But it doesn’t, not even occasionally, no matter who’s giving it. The speech begins with the Sergeant at Arms acting like he actually has a purpose, followed by the President rattling off the list of repressive policies he’s enacted since he last took the podium (and ones he promises are soon to come!), all the while his side of Congress does its best cymbal-banging monkey impression. If you’re lucky, a no-name South Carolinian will do something perfectly fitting of that demographic. Otherwise, it’s a fairly useless and very boring hour of programming.

The only thing less useful and more dull I can imagine, in fact, is someone taking the idea and applying it to their blog. Hey, look at all the (not really) awesome posts we wrote! Listen to the even cooler stuff we (definitely don’t) have in store! BE HAPPY ABOUT ALL THE PROGRESS WE’VE MADE IN OUR NARCISSISTIC ENDEAVOR.

But yeah, you guessed it, a State of the Blog Address is exactly what I’m here to give. To all 17 members of the esteemed Why Oh Why? community, I’m hoping you take this as evidence that Mike and I don’t see this blog as merely a space for the occasional rant, but a thing we’re doing our best to make something. That despite our sporadic posting, we take this blog seriously, and hope you can too.

I’m honestly quite surprised we got this shit moving at all. When Mike proposed the daily Email Exchange, he told me we’d have to start at 8:00 a.m. to accommodate his summer class schedule. Sure, sounds great, I thought. Until I remembered 1) that I was starting my summer break, and 2) that I never wake up that early, even during the school year. When my alarm rang at 7:30 the morning of our first exchange, I considered asking Mike if he wouldn’t rather hold off on the idea until sometime later.

Somehow, though, I made myself into a morning person. The two of us started pounding out Email Exchange after Email Exchange, all of them silly, but each progressively less. And on a self-entitled Mariners blog, if you can believe it, Mike and I also found time to write about the team. We even started a couple of semi-regular series, with our Player Primer and Haiku Friday joints, which, rather amazingly, live on. Oh, and Mike once did something about a really shitty band. Idk.

All in all, we’ve posted 36 different pieces, with this now our 37th. Regardless of any questions of quality, I’ve just been happy with our quantity of content — that there is content at all.

Any faithful readers we might have, though, probably aren’t quite so content. We’ve been a bit overly ambitious in our goals, and had we fulfilled any number of promises previously made, there would be a whole lot more than 36 posts. When I took a weekend birthday vacation, the “daily” Email Exchange became something we would at least usually do every day. After that, when Mike’s schedule shifted a bit and I left for Amsterdam, it became something we hoped to do a least a couple times a week. But then we went to Outside Lands and saw even that small commitment was too much.

Recently, the “daily” Email Exchange has been more of a “when convenient” series, and even that’s rather admirable when looking at the sporadicalness of our M’s material. It’s probably pointless for me to apologize to an invisible audience that may not even exist, but, yeah, sorry. Please know, though, that at no point was our failure to deliver a sign of resignation, but rather having gotten ahead of ourselves in the promises made.

And, dear reader(s), brace yourself, because our messy production schedule is likely about to get even more disordered. Mike’s first day of school is today and mine’s just around the corner. We’ll soon both be taking classes, working jobs, and writing for our school newspapers. How often we’ll be able to post on here, and what about, I’m not sure. At this point, I’ve learned to avoid committing to anything to specific. That said, speaking for the both of us, you have our word on two things going forward:

1. Haiku Fridays every Friday

2. Our best effort in providing entertaining, insightful content on a regular basis

We’ll see how that set of promises go. To any Joe Wilsons out there that read either and thought “these guys are lying”: I hope you’re wrong, but really I’m just glad you care enough about Why Oh Why? to get that worked up.


Go M’s,



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