Haiku Fridays: An Introduction

John Buck

You guessed it, it’s another new series from the Why Oh Why? blog! This time, we’re talking haikus, the form of Japanese poetry that brings the mind to a place of Zen-tranquility. Each Friday, we’ll be posting a set of Mariner-related haikus that capture the memorable moments from that week in Seattle baseball. If you guessed that we came up with this idea because we promised you a Mariners post today, but didn’t actually have anything ready, and just needed to get something out, then you’re absolutely correct. But don’t get too hung up over our lack of preparation – now you get Mariners poetry every week! Andddddd, we’re off.


Buck dumped on birthday.

Plans to get buck were canceled,

letting down Lil Jon.


Tonight: Guys Night Out

Free Mariners party cup,

because girls don’t drink.


King vs. Samardzija

Samardzija is only three

syllables. Really!


Author’s note: I’m leaving for Amsterdam tomorrow and will be back July 24. While I’m gone, there won’t be any Email Exchanges, but COUNT ON MIKE to get some Mariners material posted. Including, exactly one week from today, the next round of Haiku Fridays!


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