This blog is the product of a million Facebook chats and one too many Justin Smoak warning track flyouts. It feels a little silly to introduce ourselves in this way, since if you’re reading this, you know who we are already, but Cameron and I are students and writers at UW and Cal, respectively, and have been friends since we were both in Miss Fettig’s kindergarten class in 1998. Our initiation into the dreary existence of Mariners fandom came with the arrival of Ichiro in that 116-win 2001 season. It’s been real shitty since then, but we persist in pinning our naive hopes of a championship on the backs of Endy Chavez and Cole Gillespie, hoping for another season like the one that got us excited about baseball in the first place. Hopefully, we’ll beat the Yankees next time.

The title of the blog is Why Oh Why?. If it isn’t obvious already, it’s a play on legendary Mariners announcer Dave Niehaus’s signature phrase “My Oh My.” We hope the title encapsulates the futility that the last 14 or so years of Mariners fandom has brought.

We’ll have a few Mariners posts a week, plus a daily conversation on a popular article in sports journalism. We have no grand delusions of this blog achieving any sense of popularity (but if Grantland is reading this, we’ll take a job). Rather, this is just a place to talk about the Mariners and talk about sports journalism, and hopefully you’ll enjoy reading along too.

All Hail King Felix,



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